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Frequently asked questions

What is Ordo?

Ordo is the first of its kind. It’s an end-to-end fully encrypted messaging and payment service. Super helpful and super safe.

When you’re owed some money, whether you are a business or a consumer, Ordo lets you send your bill via a secure message (we call this a smart request) to whoever owes you. The smart request tells them how much to pay you and what your smart request is for. All they have to do is click the smart request notification to be able to pay you simply, swiftly and securely. All you need from the payer is their email address or mobile phone number – never their bank details.

Your message is encrypted end-to-end (not even we can see it), you choose the account the money will be paid into and Ordo never reveals your account details to your payer. When your payer pays, the money goes to the exact account you want with all the right referencing, making a biller’s heart sing and a payer’s mind peaceful.

Your smart request can contain an invoice, a message from you, a photo or other attachment, all encrypted…

What is a smart request?

A smart request is what we call the bill a business is sending to its customer, or when a friend or family member is asking for money back.  Why are our payment requests smart?  Because they’re:

Simple – you don’t need to know anyone else’s banking details – just their email address or mobile phone number.

Swift – as soon as your payer pays your smart request, the money is in your bank account, 24/7. And we notify both you and your payer when anything happens, like when a smart request has been read or paid, so everyone can keep on top of their finances.

Secure – we use end-to-end encryption to ensure that no-one can intercept the message, and no-one, apart from the biller and payer, can see the contents of a smart request.

Why should I use Ordo?

Because it’s super helpful. We’ve built Ordo to make requesting payments and paying money simple, swift and secure. Ordo allows you to see all your requests for payment (we call them smart requests), sent and received, in one place so you can keep a bird’s eye view of your money coming in and your bills and expenses going out.

Both sender and receiver, or biller and payer as we call them, are notified instantly when smart requests are sent and money is received.

It’s end-to-end encrypted, just like WhatsAppTM – not even we can see the contents. Smart requests go across our own secure channel, not the internet which is vulnerable to fraudsters. And you never have to share your private financial information (security codes, card details, sort code or account number) with the other party, that’s all done securely within Ordo and never revealed by Ordo.

We make it quick, easy and convenient for payers to pay, and cost effective for businesses.

How does Ordo work with my bank?

You pay smart requests directly from your bank account. Your security and account details aren’t displayed by Ordo to anyone. Ordo gives the payment details to your bank and you confirm with your bank that you want to make the payment, and that’s it.  No more typing in other people’s account details – so no risk of mistyping and paying the wrong person.

Ordo uses Open Banking. Open Banking allows technology firms like Ordo to talk directly with the banks, allowing you to request and make payments simply, swiftly and securely.

Ordo and Open Banking are technically secure, really simple to use, and leave you in control; which is how it should be.

I'm paying someone - why is Ordo good for me?

You can pay using Ordo whether you’re a consumer or a business.

When you’ve been asked to pay someone, you can see, at a glance, how much you’ve been asked to pay, who by and what for, and then choose if and when to pay.

The request for payment (we call them smart requests) asking you to pay will have been sent over our secure platform so you can be sure it hasn’t been intercepted and that you’ll be paying the right person.

Ordo populates the account details, reference and amount, so you don’t have to gather any information before paying….it’s simple, swift and secure. 

I'm asking to be paid - why is Ordo good for me?

When you’re asking to be paid, as a business or consumer, you send your bill or payment request (we call them smart requests) simply, swiftly and securely through the Ordo app or website. It’s totally secure and encrypted end-to-end, just like WhatsAppTM.  Even we can’t see the contents.

All you need is your payer’s email address or mobile phone number. We don’t reveal your account details to anyone, your payer is instantly notified they’ve received a smart request from you, and they can tap and pay in seconds.

Payment will be in your account instantly, all correctly referenced without you having to do any reconciling…what a time saver!

And we don’t charge a per centage of your transaction or any other hidden fees – once you have your bundle of smart requests, you’re good to go with no costs on top.

Is Ordo safe?

Yes. Safety and security are as important to us as they are to you. Ordo has been designed and built with privacy and security as part of its DNA (or its code, more accurately). Ordo encrypts all data at all times using the latest security techniques and messages go across our own secure channel rather than the internet.  This means that the whole communication is secure and less vulnerable to hacking and fraud.

We don’t use credit or debit cards so there is no card information to be hacked, bank account information is not included within smart requests, so even if a smart request were intercepted, there is no bank account information to see, and bank account, sort code and security details are never shared by Ordo between biller and payer.

When you pay a smart request, you’re securely taken to your own bank where you confirm your payment so not even we have your secret financial information.

I've got a blank screen - what do I do?

Turn off private mode on your browser. Ordo uses functional cookies so the system remembers the amount of the payment to carry through to your bank when you confirm the payment, and to bring you back to Ordo once you’ve securely paid. If you’re in private mode, we can’t do this.

Ordo and your payment is still secure, even with private mode turned off.

My bank say they'll tell you what my account balance is - why is this?

This is down to how the banks have built for this technology. Your account balance only gets as far as our so-called “middleware” (a place in the middle of our technology), we don’t use or store this information and no one at Ordo sees it.

I'm signed up to Ordo - why can't I see a smart request I've been sent?

You can receive smart requests in Ordo to your email address(es) and mobile number(s). If you’ve signed up one or some and not others, it may be that someone has sent you a smart request to an email or mobile you haven’t registered.

Login and go to Profile and Ordo Addresses and add the email or mobile and your smart request will appear along with the others, helping you keep track of everything.

Actions or links don't seem to be working in Ordo, what's going on?

Make sure you’re on the updated version of your browser, some older versions don’t have the technology for Ordo to function.

If you have an iPhone, download our app (Android app coming soon).

I'm having problems with my bank in Ordo...

Ordo takes you into your own bank domain to authorise the payment. Once you’re there, we can’t do anything about your bank’s functionality. Here are some of the common hitches with the banks we know about and either a workaround we’ve found or what we’re doing about it:


  • To add a joint account to Ordo, once only, you need the authorisation from both joint account holders. Here’s how to do this. 
  • Some users have reported issues when trying to pay from their Barclays account. We’ve asked Barclays to fix this.

First Direct

  • Some users have reported issues when trying to pay from their FD account. We’ve asked FD to fix this.

HSBC – business

  • Users have reported issues with HSBC for business. We’ve asked HSBC to fix them.

Natwest and RBS

  • Please make sure you’re on the latest version 6.5.1 of their app.


  • The confirmation that your payment has been made can be a little slower, but there’s nothing wrong. Whilst this confirmation from Revolut is churning through, your payment will show as ‘Payment in progress’. We check regularly and update the status of your payment as soon as Revolut tell us.


  • Users have reported issues with Santander. We’ve asked Santander to fix them.


  • Some users have reported that v4.1 of TSB’s iOS app isn’t working with Ordo. If this happens, open the TSB app then try again with Ordo. TSB are investigating why you might have to do this.
My bank isn't on the list...

We can only work with banks that are signed up to the government’s Open Banking initiative.

Let us know which bank it is you’re trying to find.

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