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Helpfully convenient

Ordo is simple, swift and secure. No longer will you have to root around for an invoice or bill to find the exact amount you need to pay, no more leafing through paperwork or emails to find your reference, or getting your reference wrong and then your payment takes ages to show against your account.  It's all done automatically in Ordo so you don't have to worry about it. And it's done by the biller, so it's definitely correct for them.  And of course we don't charge you to make payments.

You don't have to find your biller's account number, as that's all done automatically in Ordo too, so there's no chance you mistype and get it wrong.

That's what we like at Ordo: less hassle, more time for fun stuff.

Stopping fraud

Ordo runs on a secure platform and sends payment requests (we call these smart requests) via end-to-end encrypted messages, just like WhatsAppTM - not even we can see the contents. With Ordo, smart requests can't be changed by fraudsters or redirected by scammers. Ordo means you can trust who's asking you for money.

And as Ordo is a payment request service, you should only pay smart requests for the things that you recognise and are expecting.  For anything else, you can decline them and the sender will be told, securely.

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Flexibility to suit you

Ordo allows for maximum flexibility when it comes to managing bills and payments.

Ordo notifies you when you've received a smart request. You can look, check and choose when to pay in your own time. Ordo puts you in control of your payments.

If your biller chooses, you have the option of paying a smart request in instalments or asking your biller for more time to pay. So if you've just had an unexpected big bill come in, or you're waiting for a job to pay in the next day or so, or for any other reason, Ordo has built in flexibility with everyone kept in the loop and feeling on top of things. See our blog post about meeting the Economic Secretary, John Glen MP, talking about Ordo, consumers and financial inclusion.

Bird's eye overview management

Ordo shows you all your smart requests, sent and received, in one handy place. You can see at a glance what you owe and who owes you, all from the convenience of your phone.  You can see when they're due, how many days you have left to pay, and all your smart request history.  For example if you've paid in part or asked for more time to pay. Ordo helps you to stay on top, and in control, of your finances, with a glance at your phone. We think this helps everyone maintain a sense of financial wellbeing, which is as important as tea.

You can smart request friends and family too....

Ordo helps you settle up with friends and family too.  It's the simple, swift and secure way for everyone to request and receive money. With no sharing of account details needed, no remembering to send the email or text message giving your account details. With Ordo, the person that owes you money will receive a notification on their phone, and they will have a smart request telling them all they need to know to be able to simply, swiftly and securely pay you back. You'll be notified the moment the money is safe and sound in your account. Biller and payer financial peace of mind.

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Ordo is the simple, swift and secure way to pay and be paid, leaving you with more time for getting on with the things you really want to be doing.  If you'd like to be the first to find out about the latest developments and updates, you can register here....go on, its going to be exciting.

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