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What is Ordo? 

A payment service company…doing its bit to help during the COVID-19 crisis.

Ordo allows people to pay each other back – instantly and free.

We make bank transfers (bank account to bank account payments) convenient and secure. No sharing bank cards or account details.

Nationwide Building Society is an investor, and we’re regulated by the FCA.


What’s the Neighbour2Neighbour scheme?


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How does it work? 

Volunteers shopping for the isolated – people need to pay each other back.

No cash – no visits to the cash machine.

Ordo sends the isolated person a secure email or text– they click the secure link to pay directly from their own bank account…all you need is a smartphone or PC, and online/mobile banking.

Here’s how you do it: video



Volunteer shopper:

  1. Sign up or download our app
  2. Add a billing account to your profile – the account you want to be paid into
  3. Create a smart request for payment for your isolated person (click the big +) – attach a photo of the supermarket receipt
  4. Enter the isolated person’s email address or mobile number, we’ll send them your smart request for payment
  5. We’ll notify you by email or via the app as soon as they’ve paid you

Here’s how to create and send a smart request.


Isolated person:

  1. Give your email or your mobile number to your volunteer
  2. You’ll receive a notification email/text containing a secure link
  3. Click the secure link – it’s the smart request for payment from your volunteer shopper
  4. Just check the smart request is from someone, and for the amount, you expect – the smart request will give the name of who it’s from and they may have attached a photo of the supermarket receipt
  5. Click pay and select your bank
  6. We’ll take you to your own bank’s mobile or internet banking service, you can logon on to your bank in the normal way.  You don’t need to enter any account details or the amount, we’ve done all that for you and made sure the money will go to the correct account.  Once you’ve approved the payment, your bank will move the money and we’ll tell your volunteer that you’ve paid them back.

Here’s how to pay on your PC and via your app.

Why use Ordo? 

  • Money transfer is instant, not like card or other consumer payment methods
  • Anyone with a smart phone or PC can pay using Ordo – they don’t have to be registered or have the app
  • There’s no delay whilst we verify accounts – we don’t hold the money – it goes direct from the payer’s bank account to the volunteer

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