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Ordo has been designed with the UK’s small and medium sized businesses at it’s heart.  We put you in control of your finances, whether you are collecting payments from your customers or paying out to your suppliers.

If you have 3 minutes to spare, here’s one of our technology partners talking about the business benefits of Ordo.

Save money

Ordo is designed to help you keep more of your hard-earned income. It’s free to use for your customers, and we charge you a single flat fee for each smart request you send.

With Ordo you receive all of the money you’ve asked for – there are no hidden processing fees, standing charges, or other ambiguous charges from Ordo to either you or your customers.

We also like to reward our regular users, so the more smart requests you use, the better we can make it for you.

Save time

Ordo operates from bank account to bank account directly. When your customers pay via Ordo, you receive the money immediately into your account – no more waiting 2 or 3 working days for your money to arrive. It’s your money, and no one has any business keeping hold of it but you.

Not only do you get your money as soon as it is paid, you can see precisely what it’s for.  When you send the smart request out, you include the reference that will automatically come back with the payment.  So no more hours spent trying to reconcile the money in your bank account with the bills you’ve sent out.

Stay safe

Ordo’s unique security design means that whether you are collecting money from your customers or paying your own suppliers, you can all be confident that the right amount of money is going to the right place.

Not only this, but our end-to-end encryption means that you know your customer will get your invoice just as you sent it, and you will get your supplier’s invoice just as they sent it.  Nothing changed, hacked or redirected.

With Ordo, whenever you pay a bill your bank security information stays between you and your bank; it’s not shared with us or your customers.  We think that’s important.  Read our recent blog post

Stay in control

Ordo gives you a bird’s eye overview of all your smart requests, sent and received, in one place. It shows you their status, and you can even see when your customer has read your smart request – just like WhatsAppTM – so no more “bill’s got lost in the post”.

If you want to follow up with your customer or they with you, no problem, just send them a message through Ordo knowing that it’s sent securely and encrypted end-to-end, helping you build a lasting relationship with your customer which hopefully means more business for you.

Also you can choose how flexible you want to be with each customer. For example as to when you want them to pay by, whether you will accept multiple partial payments, or offer them the ability to ask for more time to pay.

Helping your customers

Ordo allows you to provide a secure payment option to your customers from invoice to receipt. Customers love not having to remember references or invoice numbers, or looking up the bill to find the exact amount they owe.  Using Ordo means not having to input your account number with the risk of getting just one digit wrong or invoice hackers taking their hard-earned money too.

Ordo provides efficiency, certainty, flexibility and convenience, it’s good for everyone, that’s why we built it and we love it.

Ordo for Corporates

Ordo’s not just for small and medium sized businesses.  If you collect from hundreds or thousands of customers, then our API solution could be just the ticket for you.  Get in touch using the form below so we can tell you more about it.

Register as a business

We’ll shortly be launching Ordo for SMEs across the UK, enabling you to simply, swiftly and securely send your bills and smart requests, and receive your money cheaply and instantly.  You can effortlessly manage and monitor all your bills and payments in one place.  If you’d like to be the first to find out about the latest developments and updates, you can register here….. go on, it’s going to be exciting. 

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