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About us

Our purpose

Improving the financial wellbeing of everyone, by helping you be more in control of your money….that’s a tall order, we know. Here’s how we’re going to do it – by enabling:

  • payers to simply, swiftly and securely see what they’re being asked to pay – trust who’s asking, and choose when to pay
  • individual and business billers to simply, securely and cost effectively send the info their payers and customers need – safely, without sharing private financial information
  • all billers to understand the status of their bills and payments – to have their money straight into their account, cheaply and instantly

Ordo is simple, swift and secure. Along with cost effectiveness, we think these are the things that matter most to people.

What are we like?

Supportive, Approachable and Helpful

We always start by listening to and thinking of the needs and situation of our users. We offer support while allowing individuals to retain responsibility. We embrace ideas, wherever they come from, including you.

We believe Ordo is fairer for everyone...

We’re straightforward and believe in providing a service that is fairer for everyone. We’re building a continually improving platform, and the more people that join, the better for all.

…Oh, and we like tea a lot.

Empowering you

We’re empowering consumers and businesses to improve and maintain their financial wellbeing by putting them in control of their finances. We make it easy to see exactly what you need to pay and when, which makes it easy to see what’s left for what you want.

Our Board

These are Ordo’s founders and board of directors

Together they lead the team creating a better financial future for Ordo users