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Here to make it easier to stay on top of your bills and payments...

Ordo is the new trusted way to request, make and receive payments that’s simple, swift and secure.

Ordo is specifically designed to give you more control and flexibility over how and when you send and receive payment requests and bills (we call them smart requests) and when and how you view, manage and pay them.

Payments are direct from your bank account, so just as secure, and quicker, cheaper and easier to manage than traditional methods of payment….leaving you more time to do the things you really want to be doing.

Payments work really well for some people, some of the time.

We think this can be better – bills and payments should be quick and easy for everyone all of the time. Everyone should feel in control of what they’ve got coming in and what’s due to go out, without the worry of being hacked, so they can spend more time doing fun stuff

So we built Ordo. Ordo is designed to make requesting, paying and managing your bills and payments simple, swift and secure. It helps everyone, whether you’re a biller or a payer.

We’ve built Ordo for you.

When we’re trying something new, we all get that nagging worry of whether it’s secure or not. We’ve thought about protecting you every step of the way.

Our aim is to give our users control and peace of mind over their payments, bills, invoicing and finance admin, and that includes building something that is safe and secure. We’re using the same level of security as government and banks.

Ordo doesn’t share any of your private financial information (security codes, sort code or account number) ever, not when sending a payment request (we call this a smart request), or when paying a smart request. Even we are blind to your bank security information — it’s between you and your bank and nothing to do with us.

We treat your personal data like a secret agent – on a need to know basis. If we don’t need to know it to provide you with Ordo, we don’t ask for it and we don’t care about it. So we won’t ever ask you for your title, gender or first pet’s name.

Our aim is to give all our users control and peace of mind over their payments, bills, invoicing and finance management admin, and there’s only so much we need to know. We think when people ask you for irrelevant info, they’re being nosey parkers; the less that is shared, duplicated and needed to be securely stored the better.

Want to send and deal with your bills and payments when it’s convenient for you? Want a single bird’s eye overview of what you’re owed and owe? Us too.

Ordo shows who you sent payment requests (we call them smart requests) to or received smart requests from. Each smart request includes how much and when payment is due, as well as what the smart request relates to.

If the biller chooses, you can pay in parts or ask for more time if that’s easier for you. Billers can also include attachments, such as invoices or photos, as part of the  secure message that makes up each smart request.

Ordo will notify you instantly, via your phone, tablet or PC. All activity is shown in the smart request so everyone can follow what’s going on.

No more bills lost in the post, or awkward moments with your supplier or friend because you forgot to pay. Paying and being paid with Ordo is simple, swift and secure…we love it, as much as we love tea.

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Case study

Jo Bloggs, aka Josephine Bloggs, is a sole trader plumber. Jo’s customers pay by cash, cheque, card and bank transfer. When paid by cheque/cash, Jo has to find time to make a trip to the bank, incurring diesel and parking costs (sometimes fines!); she clocks up high charges (which are sometimes a surprise, and not a nice one) with cheques and cards, and suffers delays in her hard-earned cash hitting her account – about 3 working days – making meeting her own financial commitments too nail biting for comfort sometimes. Bank transfers are instant, but this doesn’t solve everything, there are still the fraudsters that keep her awake at night…

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